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Unlike wine, stories don't get better as they age. (Faith, Hope, and Love by Helga GP)


NOTE BEFOREHAND: Please do not take offense to ANYTHING I say; it is not supposed to be making fun of any one or any thing, minus this story.
I also apologize if you like this story, but I think it SUCKS. Not writing wise, though; the story is not horribly written as some are on here; they do spell about 80-85% of words correctly, and use proper grammar. No, what I think is bad is the plot.

First of all, there is a major plot hole in this story and all other stories that were made that deal with the IZ characters dealing with September 11th: Invader Zim takes place in the FUTURE. They can't experience September 11th if it took place hundreds/thousands/millions of years before. Another thing: the characters are horribly OOC. Example: Gaz suddenly goes from goth-bitch to god-lover in no time flat! Not possible. Gaz hates humanity. SHE'S NOT GOING TO BECOME A BIBLE-HUMPER. Second of all, Zim in general is chock-full of OOCness for numerous reasons. A: Zim is not going to start loving every one and be happy just because something bad happened to the humans (aka September 11th). Doesn't he WANT them to be destroyed? Yes, I can understand him being upset that HE didn't do it, but not because he feels bad for them. Zim also joins a bible study, which Gaz hosts at one point. (another OOC piece!) This brings forth the worst line in the story: "Sorry everyone, Gir hid my Bible again," Finally: Membrane dies from being in the Two Towers, which really doesn't make sense, as WHY THE HELL WAS HE THERE?. I don't really like that.

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