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Entitled "Gazzy?" this story was taken from someone else when they quit and filled to the brim with Mary Sues, script form, and plenty of idiocy. It's all about Gaz being somewhat Irken...I think. Fuck, I dunno.

Lemme just start with the fifth chapter, since that's easier for me. Let's look at the disclaimer:

DISCLAIMER : I don´t own Invader Zim it belongs to the evil genius that is JOHNEN VAVSQUEZ, but I do own Reb and Gaz´s mom (my version).
Johnen Vavsquez is the evil twin of Jhonen, doncha know?

The three family members and the robot disguised as a cat sit down on the couch, Reb at the end of the couch, Gaz sat next to her, the father in the middle and Dib at the other en of the couch.

Professor Membrane : Sigh Son, Daughter, It all started years ago, actually when I was your age son, your mother and I met in quemistry class.

Gee, quemistry? Is that any thing like chemistry? Skipping ahead to where they talk about the mom...

The girl had purple hair, a dark trech coat with a gray shirt underneat it, some NNY´S boots , and blue pants, she also wore a skull necklace around her neck. NNY'S boots? Wow, she's so badass, since she apparently stole NNY's boots. Oh wait, NNY is probably different than Nny.

Kirah did as she was told, she then looked at the boy right next to her ( h was giving her a smile).

Alex : Um hi I´m Alex Membrane.

What the fuck is with the name Alex? 90% of stories I read where they incorrectly give Membrane a name, it's Alex. Any one have a theory on that?

After the flashback:
Dib : Dad I can´t believe you and mom had Miss Bitters as your teacher..really she´s is a...pain in the ass.

Professor Membrane ( looking at his son) : She still teaches?

Oh crap doesn´t that woman ever age?

Uh...Dib swears, yet Membrane uses the rather childish sounding "crap". Riiight...

This story sucks. And it's in script form, so it's also against the rules. HAHAHA, REPORT!

EDIT: Okay, now that's just rude. Now they're making fun of homosexuals in the latest chapter.

Prof Membrane : Zim there’s nothing wrong with liking someone.. Unless it involves being of the same sex.

Zim ( wide eyes ) : You humans are sick !

Prof Membrane : Believe me Zim not many people like that idea

OMG RABID ANTI-SLASHA! Not only that, but man...it'd be somewhat okay if they were just taking a jab at slash, but they're mocking actual people. Not cool.
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Yikes. The misspellings. The script form. The Sues. I figured this story was bad, judging from the summary and reviews of his that I've read. I'd leave a scathing review if I didn't know you were going to report it.

His bio says he's 18 and lives in Mexico. I want to believe his writing's so bad because he's not a native English speaker, but...I think he's just bad, period. And anyway, a Mexican should know how to spell Vasquez, of all things.

</i>Membrane: Sigh Son, Daughter, It all started years ago</i>
This implies that he actually said "sigh." Which is funny.

I hadn't noticed the Alex thing. Personally, if his actual name weren't "Professor Membrane," I think his name would be something weird and smart sounding, like...I dunno, Alastor or something.

Prof Membrane : Zim there’s nothing wrong with liking someone.. Unless it involves being of the same sex.

Zim ( wide eyes ) : You humans are sick !

Prof Membrane : Believe me Zim not many people like that idea

Gee, all those ZADRs sure fooled me!

You know, I'm not pro-slash but that rubbed me the wrong way. If you don't agree with it you could at least be nicer about it.
Hahahaha, Alastor...shame that name will forever remind me of a man with a gigantic blue eyeball.

I agree about that name thing, though; I'd give him something neat. I mean, I'm the type of loser who makes up a whole little family (as in mom, dad, brother(s)/sister(s)) for him. It'd be easy.

The story's gone now, so...yeah.
I almost feel sorry for ZAGR. For whatever reason, it seems to draw some of the most immature writers in the fandom (even moreso than all the other pairings...and that says a lot), not to mention anti-ZADR folks who feel the need to insert random, potentially inflammatory political comments into the story/author's notes for no particularly good reason (which is nothing against free speech, it's just that they don't contribute to the story in any way, and ff.net is NOT the right place to gratuitously discuss the issue of homosexuality). I can only think of three ZAGRs that I like.

Which is sad, because actually, just like any other pairing, I think it could be done well. Also, as someone who's seriously burning out/perhaps already burned out on the show/fandom right now (but who would still like to try to finish her story, and who does plan to), I'm finally getting really sick of Dib-centric stories.

It would be really nice to see something that focuses on ANY other character(s) in the series. Just to give me something new to re-spark my interest enough to finish what I've started. I actually found myself looking really hard for GIR-centric stories last week (and reading some really weird Prof. Membrane stuff...I don't mean your story, dm, which I really like). I need help.
I actually felt like clarifying that I am following some Dib-centric stories and many are really great, it's just that some of the newest ones that keep popping up seem, I don't know...they seem to be covering the same ground that I've seen covered before. Maybe I'm just saying this because my interest in the show is dying in general, though. Meh.
I know what you mean, mimsy (can I call you mimsy?). My interest in the show is waning as well. Though, keep in mind that since I was such a hard-core fan to begin with it will be a long time before I'm completely burnt out on it. But, about two weeks ago I was watching...I believe it was Bolognius Maximus, but anyway, for the first time I thought, 'This show isn't as funny or interesting to me anymore." So...I dunno. I plan on finishing the two fics I'm working on (which, incidently, are Dib-centric). But I probably won't write any more fics after that. It's time for me to start thinking about moving on.
Move on? *gasp* NO!

Mimsy-borogrove, about that really weird Membrane stuff...what in particular are you talking about. Oh yes, and thanks for the compliment at the end of it, too.
Anybody who presents themselves as a homophobe is NOT my friend.