J. Random Lurker (jrandomlurker) wrote in badbadzimfics,
J. Random Lurker

Uhm.. what? ("Falling Up" by Kastirina-123)


I geniunely do not understand what the hell is going on in this thing. It seems to start coherently but ultimately degenerates into a bewildering mix of past and present flashbacks, bizarre near-Sue OC's doing satanic rituals, song lyrics, Gaz turning into a cutter and worshipping Linkin Park and then Tak somehow brainwashes Zim into serving her and she makes him all efficient like a proper Irken ...

Oh, and in the middle of this, somehow SQUEE gets involved.

It's like watching a moderately passable author try to write a narrative - while waiting for the drugs to kick in- and then they KEEP writing as it takes effect.
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